Dover trial almost-final briefs filed

Whoever just posted a question about the Dover briefs must have a psychic connection to us. I just uploaded them. Here they are:

Plaintiffs’ Proposed Findings and Conclusions (393k PDF)
Plaintiffs’ Brief in Support of Proposed Findings and Conclusions (317k PDF)

So last Friday was the deadline for both sides to file their last briefs. Each side has this week to respond to the other, and then the attorneys will finally be able to reacquaint themselves with their families.

Judge Jones has said that he hopes to rule by the end of the year, early January at the absolute latest.

2 thoughts on “Dover trial almost-final briefs filed

  1. Thank you very much. It comes from following the snail-like action on Groklaw. (For anyone who thinks KvD is slow, SCO vs. IBM has been going on for well over 3 years.)

  2. The quality of the Plaintiff’s briefs is impressive. The lack of quality of the Defendant’s briefs is astounding. I wonder if the Defendants can get the case retried because of incompetent counsel.

    Good job to all at the ACLUPA!


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