You Tell ’em Russ!

“The conference committee is on notice…”

OK. We activists and advocates say that stuff all the time, but how often do we see a bipartisan crew of Senators demonstrate more than a modicum of backbone. Senator Russ Feingold has released a press release on the reauthorization of the PATRIOT Act and the nasty bill that’s come out of the conference committee. Here’s another taste

“I am proud to join my colleagues from the Senate and the House, Republicans and Democrats, in calling on the members of the USA PATRIOT Act conference committee to give us a bill that we can support – a bill that makes reasonable changes to the Patriot Act to safeguard Americans’ civil liberties. In other words, a bill like the one the Senate passed by unanimous consent in July.”

Of course, he does say “no one” wants the PATRIOT Act to expire and I could quibble with him about that. I can think of…oh…a half a million ACLU members and their allies that would like the PAT Act’s sun to set (or at least these provisions). But, props to Feingold and crew for taking stand and advocating for the Senate bill.

Once again, CALL your Senators and Representatives. Call them and tell them to support the Senate bill. It’s the best thing going right now. That and a few plucky senators.