7 thoughts on “The F-word

  1. You need to add emails for reps, sen & congressman so readers can click, email and move on. It makes responding to a topic quick & easy and you don’t forget to do it!

  2. Every time someone proposes the F-word lately, the Republicans just threaten to change the rules so it can’t be used.

    Nice to see how the Republicans have the interests of the American people at heart, isn’t it?

  3. I hope Feingold does go ahead and filibuster. I wonder if, when reading the Bill of Rights, she’ll skip over that pesky 2nd amendment that she wishes weren’t there.

  4. They tell people to email rather than snail mail becuase of the anthrax scare. I’ve been told it takes weeks sometimes for them to even get snail mail. Some emails I send get a responce in less than 24 hours (a real reply, not automated- they take 2.5 seconds and don’t count). Links will help to cover all bases. Thanks:-)

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