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Just as I was starting to feel completely overwhelmed by all the craziness going on in this country these days, a friend forwarded me a link to this posting on the blog Pharyngula. It’s about an anti-evolution and anti-ACLU rant. Here’s a bit of what was quoted:

Today, hundreds of public institutions live in fear of an ACLU lawsuit. ACLU can be proud of this achievement. It is the single greatest agency, next to the United States government, for the repression of divergent opinion. Some might call it McCarthyism but I wouldn’t disgrace the name of Joseph McCarthy by associating it with ACLU


Well, there’s nothing like good old-fashioned ACLU-bashing to cheer me right up.(Note to all those who send us hate mail: you might be dismayed to know what a kick we get out of your emails. We circulate them to each other.)

I must confess to being confused by this part of the rant, though:

The fervor of the hostility of the ACLU and other secularist and Leftist types smacks of the intolerance of religious fanatics that they often smirk about. They are the priests of the The Religion of Man in The Church of Government.

Funny, last time I checked, we sue the government. We don’t generally worship there.

5 thoughts on “From our fan club

  1. “We don’t generally worship there”… ah, but you see…YOU SHOULD then you would have the support of the right wing and maybe even get to be featured on the 700 Club!

  2. Looks like he’s helping to get card carrying memebrs for you too…look for the 20 dollar check in the mail đŸ™‚
    “Your rant against the ACLU just convinced me that I need to belong. I always considered it a weak organization for middle aged yuppies trying to atone for their lost leftist zeal, but if it still cheeses off people like you, it can’t be completely useless.”

  3. Here’s a witty, but not particularly substantive critique to add to the mix. From the Hagerstown, Maryland Herald News Online:

    “I was just thinking that the ACLU needs A-C-L-U-E.” – Glenside

  4. When you think about it, if there really are hundreds of public institutions that are afraid of a lawsuit brought about because of civil liberty violations, we’re in worse condition than I thought. If there are that many that are actively infringing on people’s rights, we have bigger problems.

    Did we as a people just get lazy enforcing civil liberties, or have the people whose rights have been trampled finally had enough to the point where they’re willing to fight back?

    I heard on the radio that the ACLU has filed a suit in Georgia against a law that exempts bibles from sales tax. Of course, the thrust of the suit is that no other religions’ texts are exempt, nor are philosophy texts for secular people.

    The DJs couldn’t see what the problem was. So what if bibles are exempt?

    Too many people still don’t understand that not everyone is a conservative Christian in this country, and we’re finally saying “Leave my rights alone!”

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