Sorry, no do-overs

Speaking of the Dover trial (and really, when aren’t we?), we thought you’d enjoy this article from today’s York Daily Record. Apparently one of the outgoing board members believed the case could be made moot if they removed intelligent design from the curriculum and then had their lawyers, the Thomas More Center, move to have the case dismissed.

This idea didn’t go over well with the Thomas More Center, which has been trying for years to have a court rule on the constitutionality of intelligent design. (The board member was unable to get the support of his fellow board members.)

10 thoughts on “Sorry, no do-overs

  1. >>”I think (Thompson’s) agenda is a little different from the way I’m looking at it myself,” Napierskie said.
    Um… duh? Too bad you didn’t realize that earlier, BEFORE you took their horrible legal advice.

    It sounds like Richard Thompson is still trying to push this debacle off on the DI. I’m not saying they don’t deserve a good portion of the blame here, but the real blame for Dover’s financial predicament lies squarely on Thompson. He was clearly not acting in the best interests of his clients. He allowed his own agenda to interfere with his ability to give good legal advice.

    Richard Thompson took this gullible school board members for an expensive ride. If he has even a shred of integrity, he’ll man up and cover whatever fees the school board is charged.

  2. Hmmm… I may be mistaken in that case…had to keep them all straight… (Hard for them to keep stragiht faces, too, I suspect.)

  3. Gee, wonder if that legal tactic would work in a muder case? ;-0 Uh, duh, I didn’t mean it……

  4. On the subject of blame, the good people of Dover have only themselves to blame. They voted in the board, and it would not surprise me if their so-called Christian Values played a big part in their getting elected. So, although the Thomas Moore Centre and the Discovery Institute undoubtedly helped to embolden the board, they were and continue to be nothing more than interested parties pushing their own transparent agenda.

    The people of Dover voted in the school board and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the majority of the school board made this play for creationism. I think the people got what they wanted, they just didn’t realize there were consequences to their actions.

    It’s a bit like voting for tax cuts then complaining that Education is underfunded. Ya’ get what ya’ paid for.

    And the people of Dover got what they paid for.

    Cheers, Neil.

  5. > Anonymous said…

    Napierskie is one of the *new* board members. He didn’t take TMLCs advice at all.

    6:28 PM
    improvius said…

    Hmm, then is the article incorrect? It says he is “outgoing”.
    There’s been a lot of turnover via resignations on the school board since the curriculum change. I can’t keep them all straight, but it’s possible that Napierskie is probably one of the mid-term replacements.

  6. Now that all the briefing paperas are supposed to be filed (2 weeks for briefs, 1 week for rebuttals), what’s next? And will the briefs be posted?

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