All eyes on Judge Jones

The twists and turns of the Dover case, including the school board election and Pat Robertson’s comments, have kept the media interested 9 days after the trial concluded. Both the York Daily Record and The (Harrisburg) Patriot News have turned their attention to Judge John E. Jones III:
Judge Jones: Off the bench (York Daily Record)
Dover case judge doesn’t disclose intention for ruling’s scope (The Patriot News)

And, like Speaking Freely, the YDR can’t resist The Dover Trial: The Movie. Apparently, Mrs. Jones is partial to Tom Hanks:
Casting Call: Who should play Jones?

1 thought on “All eyes on Judge Jones

  1. As usual, we Americans, “Judge Jones”, show how unintelligent we are with the outcome of his ruling in the intelligent design case. When is America going to wake up and quit letting the minority get their way. The majority of Americans beleive in God and everything he stands for, so why not teach this. Merry Christmas to all, God bless you! Thanks

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