Blog success goes to staff’s head; they refuse to give it up

As you know, tomorrow is the last day of the soap opera known as Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District. We’ve had a blast bringing you the latest on the trial, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your comments. We’re thrilled that so many of you have been following the case (we’ve been averaging over 1000 unique visitors a day on the blog).

Unfortunately, the teaching of intelligent design is just one of the many threats to civil liberties and civil rights we’re fighting. We’ve decided to keep our blog going even after the trial, covering a wide range of topics, including threats to academic freedom, more “religion over science” issues such as federal funding for abstinence-only sex ed programs in public schools, and attacks on free speech.

We’d also love to hear from you about what you’d like on Speaking Freely in the future, so please post your suggestions!

12 thoughts on “Blog success goes to staff’s head; they refuse to give it up

  1. Cool! Please continue as you have outlined. You might consider signing up Mike Argento from the York Daily Record as a regular contributor, his wit and wisdom and of course guffaw-causing commnets are always welcome.

    Thank you for your blogwork!

  2. I would like to see a date stamp added to messages. The time stamp is not getting it done for me.

  3. Yeah! That news has made my day! The blog is great. Keep it forever and ever. It’s a great way for everyone (e.g. me) to get quick info on important news and, let’s admit it, a bit of wit and entertainment, too.

  4. Information about the case of Melissa WolfHawk and her attempts to get custody of her baby would be interesting, as would the case from Bradford County involving the faith-based program in the prison there. You could also blog about what’s going on with the Clara Bell Duvall Reproductive Freedom Project, or an update about your legislative work in Harrisburg.

  5. I second the motion on Mike Argento, very entertaining stuff. I don’t believe I have ever read court transcripts before this and I probably spent too much work time doing so, but very interesting to see. Its hard to believe that we are having to even discuss this in this day and age. One thing for certain, you cannot sit back and hope things turn out the way they should. A lot of apathy and laziness on those that did not vote, helped lead to this and other catastrophes that is the hallmark of this Bush era. This is just one battle in a larger war against science and common sense. A heartfelt thanks for fighting the fight

  6. Thrilled to hear you’ll be staying post-trial. I’ve been watching the creationism/ID movement for years, and having recently moved to PA, I was dismayed to see what the Dover school board has been up to. Your blog has certainly saved me from hours and hours of primary research; instead, I just gleefully point to your fine efforts and confine my labor to unfettered snark.
    And I wholeheartedly agree with the comments upthread that you really must cajole Mr. Argento into contributing. For every time I mourned the collective IQ drop in PA, as evidenced by this trial, I was deeply comforted by his wit (to say nothing of yours).
    Anyway, profound thanks for your coverage of the trial, and here’s wishing you gobs o’ traffic.

  7. Thanks for all the updates, and also for continuing the blog.

    This and the York county newspaper have been very important resources during the trial.

    Can’t thank you enough for keeping it real.

    Peace, out

  8. As an ACLU Board member, I enthusiastically say, Great job, staff, on the blogging! To those who have enjoyed keeping up, and will continue to read the blog as a key source of PA civil liberties news, I say … Be sure to JOIN the ACLU of PA through our main website, and MAKE A GENEROUS CONTRIBUTION. Unfortunately, freedom of speech and freedom of religion, nor any of the other important freedoms we defend every day, do not come for free.

  9. Since we are nearing the end of the trial, I want to say a very big thank you to the blog-staff at ACLU. Without you it would have been so much more difficult to follow the trial…I’m chuffed that you’re continuing your witty and colourful blog.

    Thank you! Kirsty, Norfolk, UK.

  10. From way out here in California’s beautiful if too complacent Napa Valley, this ACLU member/activist (an office volunteer while living in San Francisco) thanks you for fighting the good fight and for your blog. I will happily put a check in the mail on Monday.

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