The ID controversy rages throughout the world

Well, not everyone thinks it’s a controversy.

“Last week a coalition representing 70,000 Australian scientists and teachers likened it to the flat-earth theory.”

Kosky rules intelligent design a faith
(The Age, Australia, 10/29/05)

While in the Czech republic…

“Hundreds of supporters of “intelligent design” theory gathered in Prague in the first such conference in Eastern Europe, but Czech scholars boycotted the event insisting it had no scientific credence.”

Scientists gather to talk about intelligent design
(The Manila Times, Czech Republic, 10/26/05)

Closer to home, the debate has arisen in several communities across the country, as school board election day grows near.

Candidates not certain over intelligent design
(Southwest Virginia Enterprise, 10/25/05)

Intelligent design theory invades forum among board of education candidates
(Danbury News Times, CT, 10/26/05)

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  1. Where do you guys get the trial transcripts? I’m completely addicted to them, but they’re kinda far behind. And the garbled one is a heartbreaker, to be honest.

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