Turnabout is fair play?

From an October 14, 2005 article in the Daily Californian:

Amid growing controversy surrounding the teaching of intelligent design in the classroom, a federal lawsuit was filed Thursday against UC Berkeley and the National Science Foundation officials over religious statements found on a UC Berkeley Web site.

The reason?

According to the complaint, the site violates the [Establishment] clause through its assertion that most religious denominations find no conflict between their religious doctrine and evolutionary theory, citing a section of the site that dispels common misconceptions of evolution.

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3 thoughts on “Turnabout is fair play?

  1. I support the Dover case, but that Berkeley case is an absolute joke. The message that not all religious people reject evolution is something that Barbara Forrest said repeatedly in her testimony, and there is nothing wrong with that. It’s an observation and nothing more.

    I smell someone looking for a pay day.

  2. Who are these people crawling out of the woodwork? The whole thing boggles my mind that we even have to argue this stuff. It’s like we woke up in a different century. I am wondering when we will hear stuff like, “She’s a witch! Burn her!”

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