Witness Schedule

After a few days off, the trial will resume tomorrow (Wednesday). The Dover science department chair, Bertha Spahr, will finish her testimony and be cross-examined by the other side.

Then Brian Alters, our science education expert, will testify. Friday we will start with Kevin Padian, the only paleontologist who will testify at the trial. Kevin will systematically explain how Pandas is dead wrong on the science, and how much of that was established when the book was written in 1989.

More information about Alters and Padian, including their expert statements for the trial.

3 thoughts on “Witness Schedule

  1. I’ve been reading the transcripts, and Day 3 pm ends with We’ll reconvene in the morning, but the next transcript is Day 5 pm – are we missing something? Thanks!

  2. Obviously she will not be able to defend the vast amount of dedication and work that the people with actual Doctoral degrees have been put into it. We can only hope for the best on this and I think we are the winning track. The cross-examining lawyers can not even keep up with someone with a PhD in Philosophy, it’s kind of funny.

  3. I often wonder why the idea of the infinite regress hasn’t entered into the ID argument. If things that are complex require a designer, wouldn’t that designer also be complex? and as such also require a designer?
    If this designer is complex and exists, there is the evidence that complexity can exist without design.

    I am called evil by people who claim they are oppresed because they cannot force me to believe as they do

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