Forrest Coverage

Here are a few tidbits to tide you over until we can get transcripts from Barbara Forrest’s testimony. She’s on the stand again this morning.

Good coverage of yesterday’s proceedings from the York Daily Record today.

Yet another funny column from Mike Agento, this one on the attempts of the defense attorney to question Forrest on whether she’s a “card-carrying member” of the ACLU and the ACLU’s stance on child pornography (yup, that’s really what he asked).

Transcript from Friday afternoon, which included testimony from John Haught, a Georgetown University theology professor.

We promise to get the transcripts for Forrest’s testimony up as soon as we receive them!

9 thoughts on “Forrest Coverage

  1. I just want to thank you guys, from the bottom of my heart, for doing what you are doing. Both for taking a stand to help keep religion out of science class, and for publishing this blog.

    Some of the transcripts take a while to read, but reading them is the least we can do.

    I love reading the Discovery Institute’s comments – they’re so Shrub like – deny, lie, and obfuscate.


    The Mad Scotsman

  2. Will you be able to post the expert reports from the other side? I’d be interested in seeing how they deal with the stuff found in Forrest’s report, in particular.

  3. What if ALL theories of the Earth’s origin were taught in public school as THEORIES of origin?

  4. At last count I think I heard there were almost 200 separate theories of orgin thoughout the world’s cultures. Given that a science class is 50 minutes or so long and there are at most 180 days of classroom instruction, teaching them all doesn’t leave much room for learning the original subject.

    I would favor teaching all the “scientific theories” but to my knowledge there is only one. Any topic to be added to secondary science education must only come at the request of the professional scientific community. It is intellectually dishonest for politicians, school boards and public opinion to require their “new” science to be taught in secondary education. They are not professional scientists.

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