Showing in Dover Yesterday of "More Reasons Why Evolution Is Stupid"

Darwin’s great-great-grandson in attendance

From today’s York Daily Record

If Charles Darwin could have attended a meeting in Dover on Thursday, he would have been shocked by the disrespect shown his theory, according to his great-great-grandson Matthew Chapman.

Chapman was among about 150 people, including about 20 members of the media, who came to Dover Fire Station (6) for a presentation involving a video of “More Reasons Why Evolution is Stupid.”


3 thoughts on “Showing in Dover Yesterday of "More Reasons Why Evolution Is Stupid"

  1. Again, the two issues raise their heads: first, the utter ignorance of science, accumulated data supporting same, and the scientific method; second, the aggressive ‘meme’ of fundamental religion attacking its opponents. The language used (i.e.: “stupid” et al) is characteristic of aggressive memes. Unless we get to the core of why people adopt these ideas (the marriage of biology, psychology and concept), we’ll only be shooting guns over the no-man’s land between trenches. There are no enemies. There is just the nature of conceptual tides and how they modify and are modified by their host, us.

  2. It is truly sad that the completly conceited human race is convinced that there is no one or nothing that is smarter than they are. Then to make matters worse, they force feed Darwin’s theory, a theory that has so many holes in it that it’s probability is less than .1 to our young. It does not matter how big of a hole you dig, how much you refuse to believe, or how much you try to hid that God, or ID if you choose to believe that, it is not going to go away. Look around you, if we are the smartest thing going then we do not have a chance with our arrogance. Haven’t all of you noticed, the harder you try to distroy the stronger it gets. The ACLU and all the others that try to eliminate good morals and prove GOd does not exist will lose. Satan’s greatest victory is getting some of you to believe he does not exist.

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