5 thoughts on “For Your Reading Pleasure

  1. What is the policy for being able to post these pdfs offsite (on one’s own forum board or blog)as
    is (with NO editing)?

    Thank you very much for posting these for us to read! it’s very much appreciated!

    just a layman

  2. I read a writeup of Theology Professor John Haught’s testimony on Friday. THAT sounded like some really interesting testimony. How soon can we get a transcript of that?

  3. Fishyfred –
    We’re at the mercy of the court, unfortunately, in obtaining copies of the transcripts. We don’t have a set schedule of when we get them. We promise to get them up as soon as we can, though.

  4. This account of the trial is fantastic. I’m president of the ACLU chapter at the IU-Indy School of Law and have shared this with my members. Great stuff!

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