California Superintendent Just Says "No" to Intelligent Design

Thankfully, not all school districts feel that teaching intelligent design is a good idea. Here’s a great defense of teaching evolution (and not intelligent design) in science classes from the California State Superintendent of Public Instruction:

LOS ANGELES-State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O’Connell today defended California’s science standards from efforts to inject the theory of intelligent design into natural science curriculum.

“The introduction of intelligent design theory in natural science courses would be a blow to the integrity of education in California,” O’Connell said. “Our state has been recognized across the country and around the world for the quality and rigor of our academic standards. Just like I will fight tooth and nail to protect California’s high academic standards, I will fight to ensure that good science is protected in California classrooms.”

2 thoughts on “California Superintendent Just Says "No" to Intelligent Design

  1. Has it come to this? That school districts have to come out and affirmatively say that yes, we are committed to teaching our students real science in science classes? What’s next, “School Nurses Just say ‘NO’ to Leeches?” Wake up America! There are some people who won’t rest until we’re back in the Dark Ages.

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