Podcasting Scientists and Online Perspectives

Listen to the podcast of National Center on Science Education’s Dr. Eugenie C. Scott and Nick Matzke offering synopsis and commentary on plaintiffs’ fact witnesses testifying on 2005/09/27. NCSE is “a nationally-recognized clearinghouse for information and advice to keep evolution in the science classroom and “scientific creationism” out.” They have a tremendous amount of resources about the trial on their website.

Legal Analysis from NPR and Slate:
Jurisprudence: Battle Over Intelligent Design
Madeleine Brand discusses the Dover trial with legal analyst Dahlia Lithwick on NPR’s “Day to Day.”

Also from Slate – a round up of blog coverage on the trial…
Darwin gets schooled
Torie Bosch, Slate (09/27/05)

An irreverant take on intelligent design sense by Paul Rudnick of The New Yorker…

And, finally, the controversy rears it’s head in California…
University of California Sued Over Bias – Against Creationism

LOS ANGELES – A group representing California religious schools has filed a lawsuit accusing the University of California system of discriminating against high schools that teach creationism and other conservative Christian viewpoints.

The Association of Christian Schools International, which represents more than 800 schools, filed a federal lawsuit Thursday claiming UC admissions officials have refused to certify high school science courses that use textbooks challenging Darwin’s theory of evolution.